Sean O’Reilly

Brewer, Strange Fellows Brewing |
Sean has been fascinated with the beer-making process since helping his dad brew his annual batch of cherry stout as a kid.

While studying Biochemistry at Queen’s University in 2006, he and some friends decided that home-brewing would make a great educational (and practical!) extracurricular activity. Soon they were brewing weekly, dialing in house recipes and trying new experiments. After graduation, Sean started straight into another degree, this time in Jazz Saxophone performance in Montreal. While very busy with rehearsals and gigs, the “science-side” of his brain needed something to keep busy, which led to any spare time being spent diving into brewing literature, filling his fridge up with harvested yeast cultures, and filling up the closet with carboys of mixed-fermentation ales. These sour beers introduced even more variables to the process – he was hooked! Sean moved to Vancouver in 2014 to join the rapidly growing craft beer scene, and soon found a great fit at Strange Fellows Brewing. He has since taken on the role of Head Brewer and works closely with Iain Hill to create the wide range of sour, fruity and funky Strange Fellows is known for.

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