Rebecca Kneen

Brewster, Crannog Ales |
As co-brewer, owner and farmer at Crannóg Ales in Sorrento (on Shuswap Lake in Secwepemc Territory), Rebecca Kneen has managed to combine all her loves.
Rebecca Kneen

Not only does Rebecca get to explore the magic of fermentation, she also grows hops for the brewery and sells hops rhizomes through the organic farm co-op, Left Fields.  Rebecca has written a book on how to grow hops in BC – with her manual, “Small Scale & Organic Hops Production” – that she generously shares on her website.  She keeps a flock of sheep who help with hops pruning and provide wool (Rebecca is an avid spinner, knitter and felter), meat and companionship.  On top of that, she works in the garden with the co-op, growing organic herbs, fruit and spices which find their way into her beers.  Inspiration is found both on the farm and brewery.  Back Hand of God Stout is there best known beer, but hopefully Gael’s Blood Potato Ale and its silky smooth mouthfeel will make an appearance at CBW.

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