Celebrate beer for the art form it has always been. Brew beer with BC Brewers from Strange Fellows and Steamworks.  Enjoy gourmet food and beer pairings, tap-side beer chats, and formal educational beer seminars.

Delve into Brewing Craft Beer

Two certified Cicerones® will be pouring beers throughout the retreat and sharing their extensive beer knowledge with our guests.

If you’ve never brewed before, this is your opportunity to learn; or just sit back and watch. If you’ve dabbled and want to up your game, this is your access to beer professionals.  Even if you’ve welded your own inline oxygenation system and spund, this is your opportunity to talk shop with some of the best brewers in the world.

The Craft Beer Revolution is in full effect.  Gone are the days when mass-produced standard international lagers were the only choice.  Today’s craft brewers are reaching new heights in creativity and artistic expression. The Craft Beer and Wilderness Retreat allows for in-depth discussions of the flavours of beer, the thinking that goes in to making beer, and a wider and deeper appreciation for beer. Education is a key component of this retreat.

Formal beer seminars on topics such as: properly serving beer, pairing beer with food, cellaring beer, and general beer appreciation, will be held throughout the retreat. As well as an extensive selection of bottled beers, several kegs of beer will be on tap throughout the retreat. The beers of BC are world-class, and the finest beers available will be personally selected for this retreat. The selection and quality of beer will surely please the casual beer drinker to the most experienced beer connoisseur.