Ben Love

Brewer, Gigantic | Gigantic Instagram
Just in case you have not heard of Ben Love and his impressive Gigantic Brewing Company, there's a reason they have been invited to the 2020 CBW retreat from Oregon.

Ben Love grew up in Portland drinking craft beer. When he turned 21, Love got his first job at Belmont Station, a bottle shop where he was able to taste many of their beers and expand his taste in beers. He decided to get serious about beer making and moved to Wisconsin for his first brewing job at a little brew pub. Wanting to move back west, Love got another brewing job at The Pelican, in Pacific City, Oregon. He worked there for three years, but when Hopworks’ Todd Christian told him he was starting a brewery and offered him a position, he leapt at the chance. He even helped on construction for six months as the brewery was being built.

All Hopworks beers are crafted using organic hops and the best malts available, because “incredible malt makes incredible beer.” And that product is filtered, resulting in a brilliantly bright brew with all the malty hop flavor you can possibly get; bourbon, wine, some gin and some whiskey barrels are used for aging to balance out the brightness and add depth and character

Ben always wanted to own his own business, and put years of dreaming and scheming into action to start Gigantic. He spins funk and soul, and will do anything for incredible food, including joining us at the edge of the world.

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